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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming download

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming by Justin Rogers

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming download images16g

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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming Justin Rogers ebook
ISBN: 0672321483,
Format: pdf
Publisher: Sams
Page: 357

Class Microsoft.VisualBasic.Globals Syntax ScriptEngine( ) Return Value A String containing the value VB Description Indicates the programming language currently in use Programming Tips and Gotchas A number of scripting engines support These languages, and the strings they return, are shown in the following table: Language String Microsoft JScript JScript VB .NET VB VBScript VBScript The ScriptEngine function can be most useful when calling legacy code. This is Microsoft’s version of JavaScript (yep, the thing that annoys us *sometimes* in IE) and can also be used to create server side pages (ASP, ASP.NET) or desktop applications. I eventually came across JScript.NET. Microsoft JScript runtime error: ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load. As you would expect, this program prints out the information about the error, and ParseScriptText returns SCRIPT_E_REPORTED to indicate that there was an error but it has already been reported. Off to the main topic of the post. Apparently JScript is now called JScript.NET and can be compiled to create .exe files. I started searching the web for this error. I’m sure the list above is not even complete. Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘jQuery’ is undefined Row edit,delete,update in grid view in asp.net using c#. Today, I answer a question about eval in JScript .NET. I knew about J# (Microsoft’s attempt to lure Java programmers to the .NET platform), but what the heck is JScript.NET? OK, it’s a joke that with one programming skill only you’ll be employed for life, but it’s a fun thought anyway. Someone sent me mail the other day asking why this C# program snippet didn’t work: x = Microsoft.JScript.GlobalObject.eval(« 1″);.

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